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CEC technical control center for web cameras inspected

Minister of Transport, Communications and High Technologies Ramin Guluzade  together with  Chairman of the Central Election Commission (CEC) Mazahir Panahov  visited the technical control center for web cameras in the administrative building of the commission and familiarized themselves with  the final preparatory work  for the installation of web cameras.

It was noted that all the elections held in our country so far were characterized by close involvement of numerous public institutions, especially domestic and international observers, local and foreign media representatives.

Along with other means, the latest achievements in information and communication technologies (ICT) are also successfully applied in order to ensure transparency in line with international standards in the elections held in our country, which in turn makes it possible to monitor all election-related processes from beginning to end without interruption, free and unhampered observation and thereby allows for more complete transparency. Azerbaijan can be an example in terms of extensive and comprehensive opportunities created for free movement of observers.

This year, as it was in previous years, by using different methods and tools a particular attention was paid to ensure transparency in the presidential election, which is a significant event in the socio-political life of our republic.

The experience of using webcams that has been successfully applied in Azerbaijan for 10 years allows internet users to watch the voting process online without going to the polling stations, will  also be used in the current year’s presidential election. For the purpose of observing the processes on the election day – on April 11, webcams have been installed at 1000 polling stations (about 20 percent) covering the whole country’s geography.

To provide quality and uninterrupted broadcasting through webcams, the installation of cameras, adjustment and further improvement of other technical parameters are constantly kept in the center of attention.

On the election day, internet users within the country as well as abroad will have an opportunity to observe the voting process, counting of votes and determination of results live by visiting the CEC website.