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An interactive training called “Customer oriented service culture” was held in Ganja

“Aztelekom” LLC of the Ministry of Transport, Telecommunication and High Technologies continues the trainings organized in order to improve the quality of services provided to subscribers in the regions.

An interactive training called «Customer oriented service culture» was held in Ganja Telecommunication Office by Fidan Mammadova, the chief of Customer services unit of the Commercial Department.

The operators of customer services, employees of sales units and even electricians of Ganja Telecommunication Office, Goranboy and Shamkir Telecommunication Junctions participated in these trainings held for totally 52 people for the first time.

The main subjects of the training including communication skills, service standards and types of customers were discussed and the necessary directions were presented to employees.

As the training was held at this format for the first time in the history of Aztelekom, after the event each participant was awarded with a certificate.

As these trainings play a crucial role in improving the quality of services and customer satisfaction, it is planned to hold such trainings in other Telecommunication Junctions in the future.