Wireless Internet and Telecommunication Services Launched in Absheron and Sumgait

Work is underway to establish the latest generation wireless communication technology in the service areas of the Aztelekom LLC of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies and to provide the population with sustainable communication, high-speed internet and other multimedia services.

The LTE (Long Term Evolution) network is now available in Khirdalan, Absheron District, Digah, Fatmai, Mohammadli, Masazir, Mehdiabad, Novkhani Gardens, Gobu, Saray settlements, 11th micro district in Sumgait, Corat, Kurd valley, H.Z. Taghiyev.

Wireless Internet and telephony services have been launched in Absheron region and Sumgait. LTE technology has advantages such as high speed data transfer and flexible telecommunications services in areas with limited infrastructure.

To note that LTE technology is used in many countries around the world and the number of subscribers of this service has reached 4 billion.

The project on introduction of LTE network in Azerbaijan was launched in early 2018. As a pilot project, Aztelekom LLC has built a wireless network in the villages of Hullu and Karachi of Khachmaz region. As a result, the subscribers in these villages have access to high-speed internet and other multimedia services.

Work on the use of telecommunication services over LTE is planned in other regions as well.