A new director general has been appointed to Aztelekom

A new appointment has been made to the position of General Director of Aztelekom LLC, a stable telecommunications operator in Azerbaijan.  Klaus Müller of German descent is already in charge.
 The purpose of the new appointment is to organize corporate governance in the organization in accordance with world practice, to form a customer-oriented corporate culture in the company, to modernize and expand the service network.
 Klaus Müller has served as operations director, deputy director general of the Balkans telecommunications operator, chairman and member of several multinational telecommunications councils in Europe and Asia, in the 50,000-strong division of Deutsche Telecom, which provides fixed and mobile network services in 12 European countries.  He is currently a board member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Europe.
 He served as CEO of Azerfon in 2016-2020.
 Prior to his appointment to Aztelekom LLC, he worked as a telecommunications consultant for McKinsey & Co. in the United States.
 Klaus Müller studied economics, political science and business administration in Madrid, Nuremberg and Salt Lake City.  He holds a PhD in institutional design and regulatory research in the communications industry from the Friedrich-Alexander University in Bavaria.